Tips on jewellery care

Caring for sterling silver doesn't have to be a laborious, time-consuming task. As long as you store it properly and keep up with regular periodic maintenance to prevent the dreaded tarnish, silver cleanings can be quick and easy.

Consider these tips on jewellery care:

Dish soap and even toothpaste are common household substances used for jewelry cleaning, but 

experts recommend confining them to sinks and mouths. These products are not designed for jewelry, and can be too rough on the metals. Skip the toothbrushes, too.

If you’ve ever had an ugly grey residue around your neck, wrists or fingers, you’ve experienced the effects of tarnished silver. Because of its vulnerability to tarnishing, sterling silver needs special care.

Oxygen — which produces tarnish — is silver’s worst enemy, so always tuck away your silver jewelry pieces in places like drawers, plastic bags or velvet pouches instead of leaving them out in the open. To add extra protection, put paper anti-tarnish strips — available at many jewelry stores — inside the containers.

Usually, wiping well-kept silver with a jewelry cloth will suffice for maintenance, unless tarnish already has appeared. If you want to clean the jewelry further, use a solution specifically made for silver. Do not use silver cleaning solutions on other jewelry — they can damage other types of metals and gemstones. A thick, homemade paste — made out of baking soda and a few drops of water — also can clean silver well. Rinse and dry the piece after using the paste.

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